Labonte Motorsports Stage 3 Water Injection System


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DIS-S3 – Stage III Diesel Injection System

The DIS-S3 from Labonte MotorSports sets new performance levels for diesel methanol injection systems. By reading engine fueling and turbo boost pressure, the DIS-S3 delivers optimal methanol injection control in all load states. The result is a more complete fuel burn at lower combustion temperatures, leading to increased fuel mileage and horsepower. The incab monitor allows for easy system setup, on the fly adjustments and realtime data display.

User friendly-Simply enter boost start point, nozzle size, and approx HP – and the correct injection quantity is configured from the units 3D injection algorithm
True 3D injection control based on engine fueling and boost pressure for maximum power and the most accurate injection at all times
Custom Engine Mapping Currently available for Duramax LB7, LMM, Cummins N14
Adjustable on-the-fly for additional fine tuning (+ or – of the injection map) from the drivers seat
Internal MAP Sensor reads 0-140psi
Fluid Level switch input and warning indicator/beeper
Background Control will not leave signature on factory engine computer.
Advance LCD and touch screen control panel allows easy setup, tuning and monitoring of system, all on the fly in real-time
Displays Injector Duty Cycle, Boost (psi/bar), % water-methanol injection, low fluid level
Extensive System Diagnostics for error free usability
Peak & Hold displays Max Boost, IDC and Injection
Includes: Dash Display Module w/mounting bracket, engine bay injection controller, 6gallon bed mount tank, multiple nozzles, solenoids, High Flow Pump, and other parts needed for complete install.

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Weight 20 lbs


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