Dr Performance Jeep Liberty Module 05-06 (40 HP)


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The Dr. Performance System produces REAL WORLD power gains!

We call this usable power – all the way across the power band at the speeds and in the gears where you need it.

Our system also produces a very flat torque curve. This means, once our maximum torque is reached, torque falls off very slowly as RPMs increase toward maximum horsepower. This gives your engine excellent pulling characteristics by keeping torque output high all the way up the power band until maximum horsepower and RPM is reached. (JUST IMAGINE!)

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about stock engines is slow throttle response. Our system significantly increases throttle response right off the bottom and all the way across the entire RPM range. You will know it when you push on the pedal. Improved throttle response combined with the extra power, results in a much more enjoyable driving experience. You will be able to merge, pass, and move away from undesirable traffic situations in ways you never thought possible with a larger vehicle. You may be able to accelerate in up to half the time. Your speeds under load will increase 20-35 MPH on grades of 5 to 8%. Grades of 5% or less will no longer slow you down at all.

In the first few seconds behind the wheel, you will definitely FEEL THE DIFFERENCE !

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